The Johnshock Global Co., Ltd also offers Boehm-system C-flute headjoints manufactured from selected African Blackwood (Grenadilla). There are two main styles of embouchure hole with undercut for producing entirely different timbres.

The Standard model (right) has a slightly rectangular shape and is modern in its design. It produces a brighter and open sound.

The Oval model (left) has an elliptic shaped embouchure. It produces a mellow and more intimate sound.

Both models can be used in a variety of different settings for many types of music.

All our thinned headjoints are made in one piece of wood, with the lip-plate carved by hand.

Every Johnshock grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon) wood headjoint is intermixed botanical oil finished and comes in a great hardwood case. We often recommend wiping headjoint dryly after each playing.

The outside diameter of our sterling silver tenon sleeve is 19.7 mm.

Let our handcrafted wood headjoints bring the beautiful, warm and sweet timbre to your gold or silver flute.