All our tenor mouthpieces have a full resonant sound that comes from the finest acoustic alloy with a special formula and aerodynamically internal design.
They are CNC machine faced and handcrafted.
These tenor mouthpiece designs are made in one-piece casting from brass for a full warmth and extraordinary resonance. Each design’s tonal character is truly superb.
The Johnshock mouthpieces have a large chamber, which makes you produce an unbelievably fat and more open sound

The Investment Casting technique we are using is an industrial grade process, not Plaster Mold Casting. The chief defect of plaster mold is its thermal conductivity is not good, which readily brings about a flaw in the shrinkage of casting, i.e. the consistency is inferior. The ring, jewelry and flute key almost belong to this category.
The advantage of cast size through a shell mold is stability and great precision. That is why Johnshock mouthpieces are made using investment casting of shell mold.

Available now in 105 tip opening.


Jazz NY

Employing great vintage New York Otto Link design as our inspiration, we’ve successfully developed the Jazz NY.
This model is characterized by a standard roll-over baffle and a large round chamber, making it ideal for mainstream jazz with the true vintage sound.
The Jazz NY not only has a full warm tone but also can provide bigger and fatter sounds.
It is preferred by saxophonists who tend to favor darker classic mouthpieces as well as playing Jazz, Bebop and Swing

Jazz FL

This model is based on the classic Florida Otto Link, but has a little bit of a longer and higher roll-over baffle for granting players improved projection and focused tone.
The Jazz FL is less bright than the JAZZ but brighter than the Jazz NY, it captures pleasingly bodied and dynamic sounds.
Great for the musician that demands efficient vibrancy and plenty of edge in the sound.
It's perfect for Contemporary/Pop, Fusion and Jazz.


It is designed for the sax players who are looking for an extremely versatile mouthpiece which enables them to be outstanding in every performance.
Owing to the straight baffle is Medium-Low with a bullet-shape cut-out, which perfectly combines with the large chamber and the transition from flat to concave side walls at the base of the window, that will allow the professional to produce solid and more focused sounds.
This mouthpiece also gives a traditional tenor sax tone and has enhanced volume with more projection than the vintage New York Otto Link.
The TRADITIONAL is considered a very free blowing, effortless playing and excellent response metal mouthpiece.
It is ideal for a wide range of playing styles.


The STUDIO model has a high step baffle that can produce the power, strong projection and brightness that a contemporary working saxophonist needs.
This is not just another bright mouthpiece. There are notable improvements and advancements.
Players who now or in the past have played a brighter mouthpiece such as Guardala, Dukoff,Johannes, Vandoren Jumbo Java, Wanne, SR Tech, etc, will be sure to love the STUDIO.
It is suitable for Fusion, Rock, Contemporary/Pop and Latin.



The JAZZ model features a perfectly parabolic and longer medium high baffle with a deeply large chamber. The result is increased volume, fatness, compactness and ease of playing.
Hence if you are playing a lot of performances where you need a lot of volume you may want to choose the JAZZ.
Players who now or in the past have played a brilliant sounding mouthpiece such as Beechler,Yanagisawa, Lebayle, etc, will be sure to love the JAZZ.
It can be used for Bebop, Jazz and Contemporary/Pop.



We listened to many professional musicians that always ask for 'the sound' and playability of the early Otto Links.
The Vintage model will have a more traditional jazz sound is due to the rounded side walls and a large parabolic-shaped chamber.
This model is one that was embodied and inspired by the essential spirits of those great influential jazz tenor masters of the 50’s and 60’s, but is a modern variation.
It is a subdued ballad sounding mouthpiece and is plated with 22 karat gold for richness.
Get it with our New Vintage model tenor mouthpieces to present a darker and warmer sound.
This mouthpiece comes with a more elegant bite plate than you have ever seen.
If you like the earlier N.Y. Otto Link sound, then you will love our wonderful Vintage model.



The Artist model will give a livelier tone is due to the larger window.
The mouthpiece is based on our Vintage model but has some design modifications, the most significant being a longer and raised roll-over baffle which adds energy to the overtone.
It delivers free blowing power with a remarkably full tone and easily goes from low to high, and contrariwise.
This model is a medium bright tenor sax mouthpiece that captures uniquely fat and rich sounds.
When you try a Johnshock Artist mouthpiece, you will experience the benefits of our outstanding brass and our improvements made by scientific design.
This mouthpiece also comes with a elegant bite plate.
We believe that our mouthpieces will freely help your musical concepts reflect in your musical voice.
If you like the Florida Generation Link sound, then you will love our great Artist model.